Welcome to the Camber Custom Speed Shop.

A few years ago I stopped rebuilding and working on machines from other builders to concentrate on production of my own builds.

However, lately I have had an increasing amount of requests from existing and new customers to repair, rework , rebuild and customise their existing stuff.

So, the Speed Shop is back.

For obvious reasons I can't fix a price on here until I know exactly what needs to be done so I can then gauge the time it will take.

Maybe you just need new springs and a service, or a complete strip down, clean up, resolder all joints, maybe your coils need recovering or even rewinding.

What about some customisation to personalise your machine ? Armature bar engraving is a great inexpensive way of doing this, I have engraved everything from pet's names to swear words in the past, the possibilities are pretty much endless there.

Frame polishing, Heat treatment and sealing, oil burning / dipping.

General service can include such items as all new bolts, washers, insulators,  new solder connections, new contact screw, coil covers, all round decontamination and clean up.

Get in touch via email, instagram or message me over on facebook. I have a biz page on there now at camber custom tattoo machines. Let me know the sort of thing you want and I'll quote you an all in price that includes signed for special delivery to return it to you.

Catch up soon......

Contact me over on facebook

Camber Custom Tattoo Machines

or instagram @ cambercustom

or email jez@cambercustom.co.uk

or the workshop mobile is

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