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I have great pleasure in announcing that my machine building courses are back. Some of you will already know that for a number of years I did my machine building courses with great success and everyone that came over to build their own machine really enjoyed themselves and went away with a product they were happy with and were able to say they built themselves.

First, I need to point out a few things. The courses are on a one to one basis, no exceptions. Limited room. You must already own at least one of my machines bought directly from me. This is so that we already know each other and I know you are a serious professional. Plus, these courses are not designed for machine builders, I can not teach you how to start a business making machines in a day , it has taken me years to get to where I am now. The idea of the course is so that a professional artist can come along and, whilst building their own machine, learn all about it, what it does and why, and by having the in depth knowledge of your machines you will be able to look after your equipment properly.

Right. now for the good bits.

Here's what will not happen. You will not be watching me make your machine. You will be making your machine under my guidance. For example, when we are coil winding, I will wind a couple while you watch and see how it's done, then it's your turn, doesn't matter if you get it wrong, we'll keep doing it until you are happy with it.

You don't need any previous experience of any sort but it does help if you know which end of a hammer is which, this proves basic common sense. And that is the main requirement.

Here's a quick run down of a typical day course. No actual set length as someone with zero experience of tools etc will typically take a bit longer than someone that can already weld or know which end of the drill the battery goes in.

I like to start the day at 8am. Run through a few basics of what is ahead then get straight down to it. Welding is the first thing you will learn so you can and will weld up your own frame. Once that's done then there is a lot of drilling and filing and shaping of the frame prior to final finish which might include some engraving, your choice. We then prepare the coil cores and get the coils wound and covered to your spec / choice, this also includes some soldering which is a useful skill for the future. Then it's about time to move over to the lathe, great piece of equipment, to make the front and rear contact posts and main spring saddle and also tap some threads in to these items too. Then we would get the A bar finished and engraved to your choice and also make the contact screw. Then after all that, you would then assemble your machine and tune to suit.

It doesn't look like there is much to do in that one short paragraph above but it is anything from 8 to 12 hours work, I think one even stretched out to 14 hours before.

You can even bring some of the machines you use and we can go through some stuff on them with regards to tuning etc .

I will tell you this..... it is not cheap. But you will get good value for your money and you obviously get a good machine at the end of it that you can proudly say you built yourself.

Cost ??  You'll need to get in touch with me on facebook for that one, but please , bear in mind your own hourly rate and the fact that I have many years and a lot of money invested in tooling and equipment. I normally only do the courses on weekend days. Food is provided but no accomodation available.

My workshop courses were the subject of a 6 page feature in the trade magazine "Tattoo Master".

Jim hard at work when he came over to build his own machine

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